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            Yanke360 was founded in 2013. The headquarter is located in Shanghai, this web network company belongs to Shanghai XiaoLai Science Trade Company, which is a specially focused on ophthalmology website. It includes“ Eye disease consultation”, “Hospital ophthalmology Department”, “Ophthalmologists”, “Ophthalmic products”, “Ophthalmic companies”, “News”columns, builds a wider platform of communications between companies, manufacturers, distributors, ophthalmologists and patients, we devote to provide customers excellent service and support.

            After 3 years’ operation, we achieve the following:

            1.     Yanke360 is a comprehensive ophthalmology website, takes first place in search website of baidu,sousou, google, 360 search

            2.     Based on large volumes of ophthalmologists and doctors, we provide professional field news everyday and ensure the authenticity and authority of the information. We build a LINK between 2638 normal hospitals and 229 ophthalmic companies around China.

            3.     Yanke360 fills the blank of Chinese ophthalmology web information resource in China, promotes sharing of ophthalmology information, the total news distribution is over 1000 articles, the average is over 30 articles one month.

            4.     Province regional information resource share. We have set channelsof “News information”, “Latest notice” to supply the updated hot news. We also provide patients with service of “Hospital information”, “Search local hospital”, “Recommend specialists”, “Eye disease knowledge”, “Drug therapy and surgery related articles”, education to patients on prevention and therapy of diseases, procedures, convenient related therapy information, patients can “Leave message” to consult with doctors, at the same time,”Hospital” channel and “Doctor”channel, “ coolweb” Channel can promote themselves through these channels.

            5.     yanke360 will hold Annual Selection of Top 10 news of Chinese ophthalmology fields, Top 10 Chinese Ophthalmology Centers, Top 10 Ophthalmology Chain Hospitals, this activity has been held for 3 years, and has been accepted as an authority poll .

            Shanghai XiaoLai Science Trade Company

            Shanghai XiaoLai Science Trade Company is a professional ophthalmic products business company. Main products are cataract surgery related, such as intraocular lens, viscoelastics, sutures, knives etc. There are several series of products:

            •  RAFI ( American Brand ) one-piece lens,
            •  U.S. IOL ( American Brand ) one-piece lens and foldable lens, aspheric lens,
            •  10-0 sutures, surgical knives,
            •  Hanita ( Isreal Brand) foldable lens,
            •  AAREN Scientific Inc.( American Brand ) foldable lens, aspheric lens, Surgical Specialtiec( American Brand )Sharpoint surgical knife,
            •   Mani ( Japanese Brand ) knife;
            •   Viscoelastic solution of Shanghai Qisheng Company and   Hangzhou Xiehe Company Singclean?;
            •  Injectors RET ( Korean Brand )and other brand.

            These products have been clinical used and verified for their safety and effectiveness for several years, they are also recommended by experts at the same time.

            Our products have officially certificates, plenty of storages, good service. With Shanghai headquarters and over 20 branch offices, based on east China, our products supply around whole China mainland.

            Our logistic distribution channels are very complete and efficient. Our goods will arrive in JiangSu, ZheJiang, Shanghai in the first day after the order, provincial capital in the second day, other cities within four days.

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